7 things I’ve learned re-writing my novel

So while I'm writing my proper second draft (tidying up the first one doesn't count, this is the sweat inducing one) here's what I've learned: My thesaurus is my best friend, confidant, champion, partisan, right-hand, sectary…and it’s a book not an internet tool. The flicking of the pages is key, you might stumble on something... Continue Reading →

Hiding under the duvet..

So to a new writing post. This has been difficult over the last few weeks as I haven’t really felt like posting. It’s more personal and I’ve been hiding I suppose in my book, which is, touch wood, going well at the minute. That may be something to do with the fact that there’s been... Continue Reading →

Reach Out and Touch Faith

Okay - so as evening creeps in I’m sitting down to write my post. I had begun to write one yesterday but have scrapped it as I’m not feeling that one today. It’s hard to find the tone. Because I’m here blindfolded really because my book still isn’t finished. Who am I to preach? So... Continue Reading →

The spark that lit the fire…

For years I’d considered writing a book but somehow the idea, the hook never really came to me. The saying ‘write about what you know’ was burned into my brain and I, certainly for the last nine years had pretty much been focussed on having children and family life and trying to navigate a career... Continue Reading →

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