Yes It’s A Series! And Our Destiny Is Blood Has A New Cover To Celebrate

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my monthly Inspiration Diaries, you’ll know that I recently announced the title to my historical fantasy series, the nook in which I’ll keep all of my stories of Evelyn, Michael and Sasha, that began with Our Destiny Is Blood.

Heretofore, they shall be known as… THE HUNGER CHRONICLES. I’ve so many stories to tell for these characters and the world they live in, from the 1840’s and beyond. To that end, The Hunger Chronicles has taken its rightful mantle on the cover of Our Destiny Is Blood and the next instalment Heavy Lies The Crown (the cover of which I’ll reveal as we get closer to release). Until then, please enjoy the newly revised Destiny cover along with a lovely quote from Sue Leonard from The Irish Examiner – “a superbly written gothic fantasy adventure.”

In other news, I also received my first card from a reader – handmade and with the most lovely message that made me quite emotional. One that described Evelyn’s journey as proof that our inner power and resilience can overcome anything. For a reader to connect with her in that way, is really special. Thank you x

So back to Heavy Lies The Crown I go! I’ve some lovely things to share in the next post in the Inspiration Diaries so stay tuned.


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