Book Two: Title Announcement!

KP London

I knew quite early on that my first book, Our Destiny Is Blood, would be a series. If for no-one but myself, I knew I couldn’t let Evelyn, Michael and Sasha go after just one book.  And the truth is, when I wasn’t writing about them, I missed them. I missed their company and I relished the chance to be with them again. I get to be a member of the coolest 19th century gang, and I’m honoured that they let me in.

So, I’m ecstatic to announce the title for the follow up below.  The chance to share it while at Kensington Palace recently seemed too good a chance to miss. (Incidentally, I was on my way to meet an agent at The London Book Fair so crammed in a quick visit –  you can read all about that day here).

I hope you like the title. I’ll reveal more over the coming months, with the gorgeous cover and synopsis and other tasty bits I can tell you about as we go, so stay tuned for updates.

If you want to get up to speed before the next one, you can buy Our Destiny is Blood here. And thanks so much to everyone who has bought it and given me such lovely feedback. I can’t wait for you to read this one.


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