Tempting The Reader: Why I Had To Have A Book Trailer

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Perhaps it’s working in film all these years but the prospect of having a trailer for my book was too delicious a notion, not to consider. I love movie trailers. I’ve always been fascinated with how they’re put together, what elements they decide to highlight – how to condense two hours of a film into a digestible bite size taste. One that urges the viewer to buy that cinema ticket.

I’m self-publishing (and a newbie), which translated means I have to spend money I just don’t have, so some things will literally have to be made out of a cornflake box, an old milk carton and some glue. Is it perfect? No, of course not – unfortunately whilst at the pointy end of the business of release, there is little or no budget for this. But that’s not to say it can’t be simple and effective. Mine cost me very little – only a small fee for the music (thanks to Shutterstock.com) and my time. And I loved doing it. Getting to play with words in a different way, thinking about my book in a different way.

The trick I think, is in deciding what you want to capture – what do you want to tell people about and how are you going to create an air of mystery that will make them want to know more? For me, the book condenses really down to my two main characters, my Irish heroine Evelyn Mooney and my vengeful vampire Sasha Dermatov.

So I created a trailer for each of them, giving a taste of their own struggles within the story. I had fun putting them together – but then I have fun whenever I’m in their company. 🙂 Enjoy!



Our Destiny Is Blood is out now to buy in eBook and paperback on Amazon.com






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