Publication Day is here! Our Destiny Is Blood is finally unleashed – so why am I so terrified?



The day has arrived! After a mid October jostle of release dates and mild panic, my book has arrived a few days earlier than I imagined, which is a good thing in so many ways.

Firstly, there’s no hiding from it anymore. The book is out. The people will decide with a click of their mouse. When I first held the paperback in my hand, it was an odd experience and I wonder if there’s something inherently wrong with me, because I was afraid to open it and look inside. I felt like a new mother being handed a baby serpent rather than the child she expected – an alien thing. My words – yes – but shaped into a format I never truly thought could exist. I look at the promotional copies on my desk and though I feel proud, I’m terrified because they are leaving me to go to someone else’s home – to be read and judged.

I worry for my characters. Will you like Evelyn? Will you root for her? And what of my vampires. Will you feel the same way about Sasha, Wade, Velle and Lincoln as I do? I’m assured that at least they can take care of themselves. They’re vampires – they’ll be fine, but will you take them into your hearts and love them? Maybe I’m wrong to worry. This is perhaps the moment not to care anymore. To put on the armour now and face the hordes. To scream into the wind. ‘My book is out! I wrote a book!’

So, its yours now, Our Destiny Is Blood. Take it, create your own pictures in your mind. Mould them as you will, as only you can. Should you feel so inclined, here’s where you can pick it up (oh and I made a little trailer below – to give you a taste.)


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