What a fancy it is to be greeted with tea,
Hot and strong and beautifully free,
With china cup, all delicate and small
And apple macarons piled so tall.

To Underland we go, once again with Alice,
Not down through a hole but a mirror in a palace,
With IMAX eyes we will witness the glory,
Of an adventure through time, for that is the story.

All is not well with the Hatter of late,
His madness casting doubt on his family’s fate,
Their demise long ago by a jabberwocky so cruel,
May not have been real, having played him the fool.

His true friend Alice must cross oceans of time,
To visit the past and determine the crime,
But Time, he will not allow this theft, this ruse,
For he cannot be beaten, broken or bruised.

The adventure afoot has one great folly,
In the shape of the giant-headed one not so jolly,
The Red Queen will have her revenge on them all,
Whipping her scenes into a venomous squall.

So delicious is she, that she puts in the shade,
All but Hatter and Time who play it for spades.
Bug of eyes and candied lip,
Depp shines vibrantly and still kookily hip.

But Alice is the true queen of this tale,
Her world run by men who won’t let her set sail.
Strong willed and brave, she never questions,
That anyone but her should make decisions on her ventures.

If missing Burton’s eye be a minor quibble,
James Bobin does taketh the reins to nibble.
His is a bright sweet trick of delight,
That makes Alice shine ever so bright.

And so as you venture into the dark,
Remember that this is where magic does spark,
Time will be ticking as the tale unfolds,
Time well spent on a tale well told.



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