Follow Your Giddy Gut…

Sometimes in my darker moments I wonder what the hell I was thinking putting my professional career on hold, while I pursue writing. What a silly move, giving up my income, such as it was as a freelance film publicist. Did I have some sort of breakdown or mid-life crisis that people were too polite... Continue Reading →


Starring: Martin McCann, Mia Goth, Olwen Fouéré Directed by: Stephen Fingleton Cert: 18 Running Time: 105 minutes The Survivalist has a feel of The Walking Dead to it, a spin off without the walkers as we take a detour through the leafy woods to the home of the survivalist (played by Martin McCann). All that... Continue Reading →

A writer’s affliction

When I started The Dark Blue Light I thought I’d have lots to say about writing. Surely it must be easy to write about something that consumes you to such a degree, especially when its actually writing. Easy-peasy! But the more the site filled up with my film posts, the more diminished and random the... Continue Reading →


Starring: Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Teresa Palmer, Ray Winstone, Delroy Lindo Directed by: Ericson Core Cert: 12A Running Time: 1 hour 54 mins When word got out that Point Break was to undergo a remake, there was a face palm moment when you thought to yourself, why? Why would you meddle with something that was pretty terrific... Continue Reading →

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