7 things I’ve learned re-writing my novel

So while I’m writing my proper second draft (tidying up the first one doesn’t count, this is the sweat inducing one) here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. My thesaurus is my best friend, confidant, champion, partisan, right-hand, sectary…and it’s a book not an internet tool. The flicking of the pages is key, you might stumble on something else.
  2. Sometimes the simplest word is the best.
  3. If I have to look a word up in the dictionary don’t use it.
  4. With dialogue less is more. Don’t mince your words, or theirs.
  5. If you need a PowerPoint doc to keep track of a plotline (or to make sense of it) so be it.
  6. Keep your goal in sight at all times. The finish line may seem far away but didn’t we think that too on the first draft and we got there didn’t we?
  7. Accept the frustratingly bad writing days. There’s another good one coming soon and it will be glorious.



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