Hiding under the duvet..

So to a new writing post. This has been difficult over the last few weeks as I haven’t really felt like posting. It’s more personal and I’ve been hiding I suppose in my book, which is, touch wood, going well at the minute. That may be something to do with the fact that there’s been and still is, a lot of illness in the family and writing my book has been the duvet that I’ve been pulling over my head and escaping under.

I look forward to sitting down at my computer every day, knowing my little escape, my time I’ve carved out is coming and I get to go back to the world of my creation for a little while, where no other problems exist. And that is the key for me. I am writing every day and now that I’ve established a routine I’ve caught the jetstream and my mind is racing to get back to it each day.

I’ve given what I’ve written, or should I say re-written, of my second draft to family and friends to read. It’s time to know if what I’ve jiggled around, deleted, changed and newly invented has impacted the book for the better. Time will tell. I’ve asked for complete honesty so I’m bracing myself.

I’ve also been writing more film reviews for this page and http://www.themoviebit.com which really helps and means I’m writing all the time. It’s flexing my brain and that in turn is helping me with the book as I’m much more focused now when I set aside the time each day to do it, generally as the sun’s coming up. Keeping my eyes open past 9.30pm these days is a challenge but there’s something about starting early each day and its working. I’m up a couple of hours ahead of the noisy household and that’s my time to myself.

Re-writing, which I was dreading, has actually been great and I’ve surprised myself with the way you can look at something you’ve written and see a different and hopefully better way to tell it. I’m liking my characters more, they are more present and I suppose I had to get to the end of a first draft to really get to know them and so revisiting early chapters now, I have a much better sense of who they are. I know what they are capable of now.

And I’m enjoying the process. It will take as long as it takes. Sure, I wish I was finished next week and wrap it all up neatly in a bow but I’m not freaking out. I can’t imagine not writing now and if all goes well this book will be the first of a series that will span many more.

So til the end page is in sight, I’ll keep working hard, keep disappearing into the pages of my world, keep my chin up and stay positive for my family and keep going. You just keep going.

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