Welcome to The Dark Blue Light

In 2013 I feverishly and proudly wrote the first post for my new blog – so exciting! I was doing it, going to take that step and launch myself into the blogosphere. And then I stalled. Badly. What was I going to write about? What did I have to say and who the hell out there would be bothered to read it? I buried the notion. Hell I was so busy. I was 12 months into writing my first novel, I was a freelance film publicist working with some of the major film studios in Dublin and I had a family, two kids to keep things nice and hectic.

So the notion was buried. I’m not the most technical of people so the intricacies of that put me off not to mention that I’m actually pretty shy. Social media was not my forte. Still isn’t! But this year things finally came into focus and when it comes down to it, it’s pretty basic – you have to do what makes you happy.

So here I am – finally – with a blog – and a post – wow and the internet hasn’t imploded or anything. Result! I’m still working on my novel but this year I made a decision. In order to do the things that make me happy I was going to have to give it 100%. No more faffing about. If I was serious about writing then I had to take one of those juggling balls out of the air and that was my job. So this is it now. Make or break. Sink or swim.

The Dark Blue Light is the beginning of making things happen and will be a record (if for nobody else but me) of the road to getting my book finished and (all going well) published.

I can’t dispense knowledge on how it’s done – I’m an amateur – but I hope I can share my own experience of what the past three years have been like working on the first draft and where I take it from here.

I also can’t possibility turn away from film. It’s been my livelihood for 20 years (good times!) and so I can’t give it up. So I’ll also post my thoughts on all things movie-related. The first thing my husband said when I told him my outline for the book was that it would make a great movie and that was a joy to hear because sometimes I feel I’m just writing down the movie that’s playing in my head. He was even suggesting casting choices but I’m wise enough not to lose the run of myself. Fassbender anyone? Hey, stop that’s not healthy!

Anyway let the fun commence – let’s plunge ourselves in to the dark blue light……

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